Winter's Gnome

The sun is wrought iron, the moon cement , Where Winter Gnomes do dwell— At the bottom of deeps ,  when  lands lament , And cold drives thoughts towards hell. Like orphan born to live forlorn, Set adrift in humanity, As you turn to face each gloomy morn, Don’t wish you’d lived life as me. I look upon your aged fears, and with the Winter Gnome, Walk until we reach the years That each must tread alone. At eighty-one, when love you lack,   The Winter Gnome pursues, Latches hard onto your back, And makes you sing the blues. Helplessly, as seasons changed, I watched the Winter Gnome Disturb the nights and chill the days In which you’re forced to roam. Death catches up with us, you see, When life abandons us too— The sun shining pointlessly, The moon a meaningless hue. I gave you gold when friendship sold At no price at all, my pretty, But this decline has loosed the hold Of life on you so cruelly. Nothing given and noth

Wallie and the Mirror

Wallie’s Reflection By Janet C. Ro A furry allegorical tale In Blackwood Forest many magical creatures roamed among the gigantic trees and caves. Witches, sprites, and wizards were the most respected by the humans who cherished the woods. The sprites lived along the river, tinkles of laughter betraying their presence as they fluttered high in the trees, sprinkling magic down onto the ground. They were also detected, as they happily flitted from one part of the forest to the next, by glowing spots in the night. Indeed, a ctivity in Blackwood Forest could be seen and heard for miles around. As if to compliment the sprightly glow, lighting bolts of wizard magic would shoot up into the air as they attempted to send their light to the moon. The magic of witches was more discreet, set within large bonfires where they circle-danced. Each of these families of the forest received proud respect from the villagers around it.   There was one family of creatures, however, that wa

The Knock of the Devil

Sweaterbelly, Sweaterbelly Walked to a golden tomb The prize of a child of good and bad Lay powerful in her womb. And angel’s lust, an urgent must Seduced by hell’s beauty, Consummated heaven and hell In the house by an autumn tree. The devil who knocked upon her door Gestured toward the moon, Bright eyed and pure the Angel laughed And was led to the devils room. Within the room there was a bed Where he lay heaven’s bride down. Her family above watched her sin With tears and rejecting frowns. He dined upon her body that night Until nothing was there But skin so thin the wind went right through And feathers for her hair. She bore a child, that was me My name is Daniel Doom, I was born with a crooked halo’s head At the pull of the merciful moon. They called my mother Sweaterbelly Because she was mocked by all A sweater covering her pregnant state Despite her being tall. My skin has scales like father had My wings wi


I am flabbergasted. I can’t stand your mouths flapping. You won’t shut up. You don’t get why you don’t work. And I hate the way you chew. My neck and wrists are swelling, red, tearing. I am flabbergasted. Anything divided by zero equals zero and you don’t know how to live with your nothingness. It’s never nothing to me. I am so flabbergasted. My skin is tearing and I’m still on a leash, so please humor me. I’ve been alone all this time. And I can’t stand that this WON’T WORK! So I’ll punch a hole into your head, With slit eye and hiss Leaving you, flabbergasted too. Like you should be. Like you always are.


The Honey Bee Oh honey bee you buzz so soft Against the summers wind You spread the seeds of beauty So the colors can bloom again Honey bee oh honey bee With honey in my milk The flowers on my tabletop Have petals so like silk Honey bee oh honey bee Where is your queen indeed? You mate with her and give her food In her you plant your seed Your drawn to what is soft and sweet Flowers who cannot move Their posture sweet, compliant Pledging to give you food. Is that what makes your service right What makes your service good? The giving flowers waiting and Always providing food? Your queen awaits you clean her room You make sure that she eats If she dies your family will know A natural defeat Honey bee oh honey bee The world oh so needs you I remember honeybee, my love That you need those flowers too. The Butterfly The butterfly, the butterfly Fought against the wind Flying hard with pretty wings